Monday, December 27, 2010

Reflections of Christmas 2010

With mixed emotions, we stayed in Texas this year for Christmas. After a challenging year, we thought it was important to be together and enjoy our Family of a goat, 8 chickens, an adopted Cairn Terrier, and an 11 month old German Shepherd who still thinks she is a teacup size puppy. Another reason we stayed in Texas was to bring another little one into the fold...a Cairn Terrier puppy fromWits End Ranch, but alas, she was not old enough to come to our home Christmas morning. Instead, Bubba opened package #1 which contained 10 clues to what Santa brought him. The list included 1) Personal grooming can be fun 2) You can spend hours just smelling stuff, and 3) If it itches, you can reach it. And not matter where it itches, no one will be offended if you scratch in public. He had no idea what the list pertained to and what would be in package #2! This made us even more excited about our choice of gifts. We allowed him to open package #2 without guessing, and inside was a picture of a Cairn Terrier puppy! He couldn't believe it! "Where is it??!!" He asked. We were going to let him look around the house for awhile just for fun. :-) Sigh.....she wasn't old enough to live with us, yet, but we will be going to get her next weekend.

Little Bit, on the other hand, opened each gift like it was a puppy. From the first package in her boot (our Christmas tradition is to put out boots for Santa instead of's Texas!) which was Hello Kitty "Polnailish" (translation= nail polish) to her princess rock guitar and carriage CD player with microphone, she would gasp and say, "!!!"

The rest of Christmas day was spent watching Bubba play X-box live while glancing at the picture of his puppy and listening to Little Bit sing "Little White Church" and "Stuck Like Glue." Although we missed seeing our families and watching all the cousins play and visit together, our Christmas was relaxing. I gage that by being able to wear my PJ's all day!

More important than the gifting that occurred was the fact that we celebrated the birthday of Jesus together, shopped for a child who wouldn't otherwise have presents under their tree, and donated to our adoption agency in our children's name because we are so thankful for those two most precious gifts in our lives.