Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I'm inspired! my friend who is an educator, raises dogs, and works with horses, by my new found friend who is an author, by my students (especially the one who is currently ranked #2 in her class...she is brilliant, beautiful, and sweet!), and by my kindred spirit Paper Goddess at We Will Always Have Paris who inspired me to Spring Clean My Work Space.

This is what I wrote to Paper Goddess: I go! Just left all my favorite discount stores with storage baskets, bins, containers, and a book shelf that (kinda) looks like pottery barn, and I am ready to organize. I am going to take a picture and send to you, too. I cheated a little bit because I organized 12x12 paper and all those cheap frames I've been meaning to paint, but other than that, my room is a disaster. Literally, my shelves are cardboard boxes (you will see in the picture). Thank you for motivating me. I'm going in! If I don't comment again, I'm lost in the madness and please call my husband and let him know he needs to rescue me!

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