Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Sonnet

In my high school English class, we are finishing our study of British sonnets with an application of writing a personal sonnet.  I always try to write an example for the students, and this one seemed to flow easily from my heart.

Your Sonnet
January 2012
A dream created many years ago,
Seems like forever, always on my mind.
My thoughts alone are never to be known,
Far hidden in my heart no one to find.

Still haunted by his eyes, his smile, his voice.
A mem’ry held so dear inside my heart.
He seemed so fixed to stay with love’s young choice,
While years went by the embers they did spark.

Secrets and shared and suddn'ly with one word,
Our lives unite and both imagine love.
His whispers now are all I ever heart,
Could God be hearing prayers I sent above?

This trance awakened now, body and soul.
To be with you, alive, fulfilled, and whole.

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